Condolences to the Maxwell family

Sad News   Glenavon is saddened to learn that Ian Maxwell, one of its most fervent supporters, has lost a long and brave battle against cancer. This tragic news comes barely five months after the passing of William Walker Supporters’ Club stalwart, Moses Maxwell. Ian, originally from Garland Avenue on Lurgan’s Lough Road, lived in Germany [...]

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Memorial service to be held this Saturday

Glenavon will pause to remember its former players who lost their lives in the Great War of 1914-18 this Saturday. A short Act of Remembrance will take place at the memorial garden in the corner of the Geddis/Crescent stands on Saturday morning at 11am. Representatives from each of the supporters clubs will lay a wreath at [...]

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Glenavon and V.E. Day

Glenavon Marks V.E. Day The 75th anniversary of V.E. Day provides an opportunity for reflection on the sacrifice of those men and women who lost their lives during the Second World War. The struggle to preserve Western civilisation saw fierce fighting across theatres in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific on an almost unimaginable [...]

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