Sammy Clingan has agreed to stay another season at Glenavon. A delighted Gary Hamilton explained that Sammy, who will be moving back to Scotland with his new wife at the end of September, would travel back to Lurgan for training on Thursdays and be available to play on Saturdays.

“Sammy has shown great commitment to the Club and it shows what type of guy he is that he’s prepared to travel over on a Thursday and maybe not get home until late on Saturday or on Sunday. He just loves the club. When we went to talk to him we didn’t think it was going to be feasible but thankfully Sammy has been the one to make it happen by agreeing a reduction in his wage to help cover the travel costs.

“You want people like that about the club. As I said at the AGM we’ve lacked experience at times in vital matches and it’s no coincidence that Sammy wasn’t available for most of the season. Hopefully we can get him back fit this year and playing every week again and giving us that experience and knowhow in situations where some of the younger lads have never come across.”