“Me and my family have been overwhelmed, and I mean overwhelmed, and that’s not strong enough, by the support that the football club has given us over this period and is continuing to give us.

“I went in last Saturday after the game to all the supporters clubs and I just thanked everybody and asked them to pass my thanks on to all their members as I won’t be able to speak to everyone personally, just to thank them for everything.

“Also all the Board of Directors, big Adrian who came to the house, all the people associated with the football club, the stewards and the players, every single one of them have been unbelievable, and not just the open stuff that you see, where people attend the funeral, but all the private messages and things like that.

“You look at our football club and it’s a good football club and it’s well run and it’s a family club but it’s only when things like this happen, and you look at people as people, when you cut the football opinions out of it, they’re the most decent and genuine group of people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.

“Gary has been an absolute rock for me. The day my son died, Gary and I were talking about the team for Saturday and the way we would play and all of a sudden within the space of an hour, everything is turned upside down but Gary’s first thought went to me and my family and him and Faye have been so supportive, it’s been unbelievable.

“I hope you’ll forgive me if I’ve left anyone out but thanks to you all for being there for me and my family.”