Glenavon Football Club, a cornerstone of Northern Irish Football, is embarking on a transformative journey as it unveils a fresh look that pays homage to its rich 135-year legacy while propelling the brand into a new era of football excellence.

The club’s decision to re-brand signifies a strategic move to embrace modernity and innovation while cherishing the historical significance that has shaped Glenavon into the revered institution it is today. By blending elements of the past with a vision for the future, Glenavon is poised to captivate fans, inspire players, and elevate its presence in the footballing world.

As the club delves into this re-branding process, key considerations are being made to ensure that the essence of Glenavon’s heritage remains intact. From the iconic crest that symbolises tradition to the colours that evoke memories of past triumphs, every aspect of the re-branding is meticulously crafted to reflect the club’s enduring spirit.

Moreover, the re-branding extends beyond mere aesthetics, with a focus on revitalising the club’s identity to resonate with both loyal supporters and a new generation of fans. By infusing elements of nostalgia with a fresh perspective, Glenavon aims to forge deeper connections with its community and establish a strong foundation for future success on and off the pitch.

Glenavon Football Club’s move to Adidas reinforces the club’s ongoing reputation for quality and sets the precedence for the upcoming season. With world class teams such as Real Madrid and current World Cup holders Argentina attached to the Adidas brand, Glenavon Football Club is proud to offer players and fans a world class quality product they can be proud to wear.

Glenavon Football Club’s switch to Adidas marks an exciting new chapter for the team. The partnership with Pro:Direct, one of the leading providers of sportswear, brings a fresh look and quality to the club’s teamwear, enhancing both the players’ appearance and the fans’ experience. This move not only elevates the club’s aesthetic appeal but also signifies a step towards aligning with top-tier brands in the world of football.

The new kit will also feature Glenavon Football Club’s new badge. The redesigned badge captures the essence of the club’s heritage while embracing a fresh and contemporary aesthetic. This updated emblem not only honours the club’s roots but also symbolises its evolution and readiness for the future. It’s a perfect fusion of the past and the present, embodying the rich history of Glenavon while embracing a sleek and stylish design for the modern era.

Glenn Emerson Chairman said;

“Through this re-branding initiative, Glenavon Football Club is not just embracing change; it is embracing its legacy, its values, and its commitment to excellence. As the club steps into this new era, it stands as a testament to the enduring power of tradition and the boundless possibilities of the future.

“With a nod to the past and a vision for the future, Glenavon Football Club’s re-branding signals a bold and exciting chapter in its illustrious history, promising fans a thrilling journey ahead as the club continues to write new chapters of success and glory.

“Exciting times lie ahead for Glenavon Football Club as it charts a course towards a bright and prosperous future, guided by the strength of its heritage and the promise of a new era in football excellence”.