On Tuesday 30th April 2024 an Extraordinary General Meeting of Glenavon Shareholders took place in the Bedeck Suite at Mourneview Park.

The E.G.M. was chaired by Adrian Teer, the chairman of the Board of Directors, on behalf of the leading shareholders. He said that over the last twelve months it had become clear that changes were needed in terms of how the Board is structured. A new approach was required aimed at establishing a strategic direction, maximising expertise and improving decision-making.

The resolution presented to the meeting was to establish a new Executive Board of six members comprising office bearers and Executive directors. Also, up to five other directors would provide the Executive Board with day-to-day practical support and fulfil an advisory role as and when required.

A leading shareholder urged his fellow shareholders to support the proposal. He said that, to maintain its status in local football, the club needed to have a more streamlined, business-oriented structure. Directors with expertise were required to chart the way forward. The club could not afford to stand still.

Another leading shareholder seconded the resolution. He said that the landscape of Irish League football had changed and Glenavon needed to change with it.

Several other shareholders asked for clarification on matters related to the substance of the proposal.

The resolution, when voted upon, received overwhelming support.

The club’s leading shareholders will, in the coming weeks, appoint office bearers and form the new Executive Board of Directors.

The Annual General Meeting of shareholders will be held in the Bedeck Suite, Mourneview Park, at 7-30 pm on Wednesday 5th June 2024. Those elected at the A.G.M. to serve as directors for the 2024-25 season will make up the Executive Board and fill the other directors’ positions following selections made by a panel of the club’s major shareholders.