Notice of Complaint

Glenavon has received a “Notice of Complaint” from the Irish Football Association in relation to two blue flares lit and thrown onto the pitch at the Coleraine Showgrounds “from the terracing behind the goals; the Glenavon supporters were accommodated in this area of the ground” during the first half of the League Cup quarter final on Tuesday  5th December.
The Association has issued our club with a warning that zero tolerance will be shown towards spectator misconduct. It has advised that should any further instances of misconduct by Glenavon supporters occur this season the Disciplinary Committee may sanction the club accordingly.
In the interests of the good name of Glenavon – and to avoid further sanction(s) which could include a substantial fine and possibly a points deduction – our supporters must cease the throwing of flares and other such objects on matchdays. 
Any person or persons identified as doing so will receive a ban from Glenavon games both home and away.