We are asking anyone attending Friday night’s Mid-Ulster Derby, to consider supporting the Thomas Street, Methodist Church WINTER COAT PROJECT, in association with Redeeming Our Communities Northern Ireland.

Volunteers from Thomas Street, Methodist will be on hand at the front of the stadium to accept donations of new or used coats. scarves and gloves as well as brand new hats. Any donations given will used to support people locally and around Northern Ireland this winter as they deal with the cost of living crisis.

“Most of us will have a coat or scarf that we do not use anymore, so have a look around your house, and if you can, bring it with you to Shamrock Park and drop it into the box for someone who can make good use of it when the colder weather kicks in”.

Community Liaison Director Eddie Drury spoke to the Glenavon website saying, “Thomas Street Methodist Church have got together with Redeeming Our Communities which is a project in Belfast. They are currently linking with the PSNI, Youth groups and Churches.

“Our Church will be collecting coats, hats and scarves which will be made available to those who are really in need of those items coming into the winter time.

“The specific dates can be found on the Church’s social media account.”