The chosen charity for this Saturdays derby game is Opening Oisin’s Opportunities – Just4Children. You can read more about it below, the link to donate is at the bottom of this article.


Oisín was born on the 27th May 2018 at 950grams after I developed sepsis and was rushed for an emergency C-section, a day we both came very close to losing our lives. Oisín is now almost 3years old and a real life little miracle with the most infectious smile. He has been through so much in his short life, spending the 1st 7 months in NICU where he had some major ups and downs, nearly losing him multiple times and being told he would never make it home, with multiple surgeries and hospital visits he continues to face new challenges on a daily basis.

He has battled against the odds with jaundice, anemia, multiple infections, sepsis several times, suspected NEC, renal failure, hypoalbuminia, broncomalacia, retinopathy of prematurity, ventriculomegaly, peri ventricular leukomalacia,displaced lines, chronic lung disease, 27 chest drains, 1 abdominal drain, 2 eye surgeries, MLB, sub glottic cyst, bilateral hernia repair, 40plus blood transfusions, several hundred X-rays, blood tests and cannula’s inserted. Peg tube insertion and a fundoplication for severe GERD. He still remains tube fed and is on oxygen at night.

At only 2 weeks old a line delivering treatment displaced into his abdomen and put extreme pressure on his tiny body, causing his oxygen levels and blood pressure to drop. This was one of the times we were told he wouldn’t make it and there was no other treatment options available. Three weeks later we were told he developed some small cysts on his brain due to the stress his body had been under but it was nothing to worry about. Fast forward another 4 weeks and we were told it had developed into severe bilateral periventricular leukomalacia with ventriculomegaly. We were told to prepare for the worst.

We now know that Oisín has quadriplegic cerebral palsy among other conditions. This means he has difficulties with muscle control, balance and coordination, so simple things such as sitting without support is extremely difficult. He’s incredibly determined and tries so hard every day to learn these things.

Yet here is the problem, essentially he has the potential IF we put in enough early intervention but sadly the NHS can’t provide what he need. Pre-Covid we had 20 minutes once a month. Private treatment is excruciatingly expensive with swim therapy costing almost £1500 for 5 days, intensive courses in London up to £3000 and Napa in Boston £7500 for 3 weeks for treatment alone. The fact is Oisin needs this help and we have now realised we need help to raise the funds to give him the potential to success. So we have decided to fundraise with Just4children to provide Oisín with the specialist equipment and therapies he needs to help him reach his full potential and live a happy life.

Our wish is that Oisín will be free from pain and one day be able to sit up independently, walk and maybe even run alongside his sister Naoise, just as any child should be able to. We want him to have the chance to do the things we all take for granted.