A new initiative which, it is hoped, will keep Glenavon supporters in contact with the club in their hour of need has been launched.

The club has appointed it’s first ever Supporter and Staff Welfare Officer, a role which board member Noel Hayes has taken up.

Explaining his vision for the role, he said, “If one of our supporters is unwell, for example, this is just someone from the club getting in touch to ask them how they are, have a chat with them and see if there is anything we can do for them.

“Likewise if one of our players has been injured for a long time, then this keeps a link between us and them to make sure that they are OK and to let them know that we are thinking about them.”

It seems like such a simple idea but it’s one which Noel thinks could have a positive impact within the Glenavon fanbase.

“If you look look at the demographic of our supporters, there’s quite a number of older people sitting in our stands each week. This is just something to say ‘you have not been forgotten about’.

“Some of them might be on their own and someone just lifting the phone and saying ‘hello’ could make their day.

“In this day and age, particularly when mental health is such a big issue, I think it’s a good thing for us to be doing.

“In the current climate it’s unfortunate that we can’t get out and speak to people in their homes, but we can certainly get in contact with people over the phone.”

Anybody who would like to avail of the service or who knows someone for whom it might be of benefit can contact Noel via the club office – email [email protected] or call 028 3832 2472.