Caolan Marron makes a return from injury to the starting line-up earlier than expected which means Eoin Wearen will start in midfield alongside Robert Garrett in the absence of the injured Sammy Clingan.

9 mins: 0-1 Garrett scores with a shot from at least 25 yards.

39 mins: 0-2 If you thought that Garrett’s strike was good, wait until you see this one from Conor McCloskey- pick it out!

Photo by Maynard Collins, 20/04/2019

61 mins: 0-3 The goals just keep getting better! Eoin Wearen weaves his way into the right side of the Linfield box and smashes a low shot into the opposite corner.

76 mins: 0-4 Rhys Marshall smashes the ball into the roof of the net after McCloskey nods down Seamus Sharkey’s header from a corner by Andrew Mitchell.