The new retro leisure shirt which was launched at yesterday’s game is proving a big hit with the fans already. The shirt, which is a mixture of the classic ‘Broomhill shirt’ from the early 1990s, recently voted in an online poll the most popular shirt of recent decades, and the shirt worn in our famous 5-1 victory in the 1961 Irish Cup Final, was produced with the assistance of

The shirt is available in our club shop BlueZone at Mourneview Park (click here for opening times) and also through our webstore BlueZone Online – but don’t wait too long as the orders have been pouring in since the launch.

Glenavon legends Davy Dennison, Paul Byrne, Dean McCullough and Sean Collins helped launch the new ‘retro’ design leisure shirt ahead of kick-off yesterday. Photo by Alan Weir

Jeff Garrett of Klubfunder and BlueZone manager Jonny Bunting show off the shirt. Photo by Brian Bain