Starting in pre-season this year, Glenavon has introduced the use of GPS player tracking using the PlayerTek system.

This is used to monitor the players during training and in-game and records the distances and speeds of the players, helping to push them to give that little bit extra. The system, which is also used by teams such as Celtic and Liverpool, consists of a small pod which is worn on the back in a special vest.

Using GPS tracking, PlayerTek measures 4 main metrics: total distance, top speed, number of sprints and sprint distance. All of these metrics are combined to the average stats of a professional footballer in the same position to give the player a pro score (percentage of a professional footballer’s performance). On top of this, it produces a heat map, which shows the areas of the pitch the player spent the most time in as well as the location and distance of his sprints.

Stephen Murray celebrates scoring his hat-trick goal against Coleraine, revealing his PlayerTek vest. Mandatory Credit @INPHO/Brian Little