The recent Annual General Meeting authorised the club to issue for sale a tranche of Ordinary Shares priced at £50 each. The sale of these shares is seen as a significant new income stream for the club with the proceeds ring-fenced and used exclusively to enhance the manager’s budget. Purchase of the shares also allows the owner to vote on important issues concerning the running of the club at the Annual General Meeting. If you are interested in this opportunity to invest in your club’s future please speak with any Director or call the club office on 028 3832 2472.

Alternatively you may want to consider signing up to Mourneview Needs You which allows participants to make regular donations to the club by way of Direct Debit, credit card or PayPal. You decide how much you would wish to pay with monthly payments ranging from £5 through to £100 and again all the money raised will be used solely to enhance the manager’s budget. If you would like to sign up to Mourneview Needs You please follow the link here.

Thank you for your support.