Our chairman Adrian Teer has retired as chair and member of the Northern Ireland Football League (NIFL) Board after 5 years service. He is also retiring as Glenavon’s representative on the Premiership Management Committee (PMC). Adrian was one of three representatives nominated by the PMC to sit on the eight person NIFL Board.

“It was my intention to step down from NIFL two years ago and again last season but was persuaded to remain” said Adrian when he spoke exclusively to this website. “It is quite a demanding role especially on top of a club chairmanship. To my mind the chair of the NIFL Board should serve a maximum period, arguably three years but an absolute maximum of five. It has been an honour for Glenavon to have had someone as chair of the NIFL Board and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Since 2013 the NIFL Board has overseen the birth of the company, the recruitment of its Managing Director and the move to prestigious premises within the National Stadium. The Board has delivered on establishing the NIFL brand, restructuring the three main leagues with the introduction of the play-offs and squad sizes etc., creating the U20 Development League, developing the Women’s Premier League and most recently the Academy Development League. Increased sponsorship and other benefits have been attracted into the local game whose image has been considerably enhanced with a consequential increase in media attention and average attendances.

Meanwhile Glenavon’s representative on the Premiership Management Committee for 2018/19 is expected to be selected at a board meeting later this week.