NIFL has confirmed that the 2018 Danske Bank Premiership play-off dates will be as follows:

SEMI FINALS: Tuesday 8 May

  • 3rd placed club v winner of QUARTER FINAL between 6th and 7th placed clubs
  • 4th placed club v 5th placed club

FINAL: Saturday 12 May

Should the winner of the Irish Challenge Cup finish in 3rd to 7th position (this would be the case only if Cliftonville win the cup) there will be no quarter final and remaining clubs finishing in 3rd to 7th position will play against each other in the following format with their final league positions determining their ranking:


  • highest ranked club v 4th highest ranked club
  • 2nd highest ranked club v 3rd highest ranked club


winner of semi final 1 v winner of semi final 2