As was reported on our @Glenavon_FC Twitter feed on Saturday, James Singleton has signed a new contract that keeps him with the club until the end of the 2019/20 season. We spoke to Gary Hamilton and James after last night’s Mid-Ulster Cup game.

Photo by Maynard Collins

“We’re delighted to have him for at least another couple of seasons after this one. He’s come through the system, him and Rhys at the same time. It’s vital that we keep players like this as they’re the heart and soul of the Club. They’ve been here from ‘Day 1’ of the transition of going from a team being down at the bottom to challenging for Europe a few years and winning Irish Cups. They’ve been regulars in the team in that period and, in my opinion, in their positions, they’re the best two players in the league. To try and improve as a club and to keep moving forward you have to keep your best players and we’re delighted that they’ve both decided to stay,” Gary told us.

“I’m really at home here,” James said, ” and it’s really exciting to be part of a team with such talented players and we’re a young team as well so the future is looking bright for Glenavon.”