Reminder: Monday 18th January at 7.00pm in Craigavon Civic Centre

On 30 November 2015 the Department of Arts, Culture and Leisure (DCAL) issued for consultation a document entitled “Sub-Regional Stadia Programme for Soccer”. The document outlines how the Department intends to spend some £36M over the next few years to support the development of a number of football related projects at both a Regional and local level.

Responses are required by 22 February 2016.

As part of the consultation process DCAL plans to hold a number of open meetings at various locations throughout the coming weeks. The first of these will be held on Monday next 18th January at 7.00pm in Craigavon Civic Centre where there will be an opportunity to speak with DCAL officials.

The Glenavon Board of Directors, in conjunction with the other Premiership clubs, is currently considering its formal response to the document. At this stage the Board would encourage supporters to attend the meeting on 18th January to enable them to understand more about the proposals and have any queries addressed. The document, together with further details on the consultation process, can be viewed at