As a lifelong Glenavon supporter you will be only too aware that the landscape of Premiership football in Northern Ireland has changed within the last few years. Four of the twelve clubs are now full time and attracting players by offering full-time wages.

Unfortunately the size of our fanbase and current income streams dictate that full-time football is not a viable option for Glenavon at present or indeed in the foreseeable future.

However the Gary Hamilton era has proved Glenavon can attract top class part-time players and household names to Mourneview Park and the Board of Directors is determined to endeavour to find the finances to continue to do so. Not all local footballers want full-time football in the Irish League; many are in well paid jobs, happy to play their football on a part-time basis. Those are the players Glenavon have attracted in the past and plan to continue to target in the future.

Sadly full-time wages in the Irish League have soared the demands of many part-time players, some regardless of their age and ability. For that reason Glenavon has found recent transfer windows very difficult to operate in without being irresponsible.

The stark reality is that unless our Club can introduce significant new regular sources of income – specifically to enhance the players wages budget Glenavon will to struggle to sign a decent quality of player during the transfer windows that lie ahead.

To provide a sizeable injection of new funding into the players wages budget the Board is introducing a “200 CLUB” and appealing to all true Glenavon supporters to join it. Members will make a regular donation of £5 per week (£20 per month) over a period of 12 months for a minimum period of 3 years commencing in August 2023. In return members will be eligible for a wide range of prizes/benefits as set out overleaf.

Understandably additional funds cannot guarantee improved performances or on the field success. However if the “200 CLUB” is fully supported – along with another new initiative being rolled out – our Club would aspire to be an active force in future transfer markets capable of signing some of the best part-time players who become available.

This is your opportunity to make a personal subscription to the Glenavon cause. By doing so you will help ensure our Club’s continued financial viability, its Premiership status and its strength on the field of play. To join the Glenavon “200 Club” please contact any member of the Board or make enquiries through the club office.

Thank you for your continued and much appreciated loyal support.