Board of Directors

Adrian Teer (Chairperson)

John Sinnamon (Vice-chairperson)

Frazer Follis (Treasurer)

Leigh McClune (Secretary)

Eddie Drury

Stevie Campbell

Noel Hayes

George McNally

Duncan Campbell

Ken Cardwell

Club Liaison Officers

Supporters Liaison Officer: Stevie Campbell

Community Liaison Officer: Eddie Drury

League Representatives

NIFL Premiership: Frazer Follis

Mid Ulster: Eddie Drury

Data Protection Officer

Ken Cardwell

Qualified Person

George McNally

Disability Access Officer

George McNally

Head of Youth Development

John O’Kane

To contact any of the above please email [email protected]

Football Administrator / Football Secretary

Jim McKenzie – [email protected]

Administrator / finance officer

Angela Cherry – [email protected]

Commercial Manager

Eddie Drury – [email protected]

Media Officer

Philip Hawthorne – [email protected]


Philip Hawthorne – [email protected]